A Lovely Summer and the Birth of Fine Beverage

Kieran Watman

I was at something of a low point in my life when Samantha and Bob so very kindly requested my presence on a short summer break they were taking with their fine boys. It had been some years, I am afraid to say, since I had visited the sea side, felt the sand between my toes and dined on soggy fish and chips. I was rather looking forward to it!

Eastbourne was a favourite stop on Bob’s journeys with Punch & Judy and he had decided to return to this lovely seaside town on a brief break from his life as a publican and brewer. Samantha made me an incredible scotch egg for the journey, which signalled to me that this was going to be a trip to remember. 

What can I tell you about our first trip together? Well we ate fish and chips from the Dolphin Fish Bar, served in newspaper like the good old days. Bob slightly confused me by ordering a battered sausage but hey ho, who was I to question? Avoiding further confusion when their fine boys ordered curry sauce with their chips I decided to move us swiftly away to the pier before modern living really did get the better of me! Seriously, curry sauce? I don’t understand it!

Fortunately, the sun was gently glimmering behind a couple of large grey clouds so it really did feel like summer as we made our way to the penny arcade. After our meal we were rather thirsty and struggled to find a thirst quenching beverage that could live up to our high standards. Berating this troubling situation we found ourselves in deep conversation about the merits of scrambled eggs – best not to ask why. It was at this very point that Bob dropped what was left of his battered sausage and exclaimed aloud in such a manner that we all stopped in our tracks.

It was only Samantha who recognised Bob’s expression as being one of a brewer on a mission. To put myself and the boys’ minds at ease, Bob gestured for us to join him on a shabby bench overlooking a lookout, itself overlooking the sea. 

“I have it! I am loving summer and I know a way to ensure we all love summer even more.”

Before we could ask to what he was referring, Bob started to explain his desire to craft the single most delicious light and refreshing summer beer ever tasted. SUMMER LOVIN’. Life would never be the same again.