Launch of our new Bitter

It has been a long time coming but our flagship bitter is finally here.
We have been experimenting over the past couple of years in order to
develop what we thought would be a good solid bitter; you know what
I mean, the sort of beer that is well balanced, slightly malty with an
interesting hop character, but one that doesn't overtake the taste buds.
We came close on several occasions but it was never absolutely bang on.
Earlier this year fate decided to lend a hand. Through a chance meeting
at our pub, The White Lion in Bridgnorth, we were introduced to Simon,
a very nice chap from Beckbury ( not a million miles from the brewery), 
he in turn introduced us to the brewing legend that is Dave Rawstorne.
To cut a long story short, Dave was happy to come out of retirement and
work with us to create a fantastic bitter.
In honour of his and Simon's involvement Beckbury Bitter was born.
I am over the moon that we finally have a bitter to be proud of as part of
the family of Hop & Stagger beers.
Beckbury Bitter is currently regularly available at both The White Lion in
Bridgnorth and The Old Fighting Cocks in Oakengates.
We are also planning on adding it to our bottled range later this year.