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A Lovely Summer and the Birth of Fine Beverage

I was at something of a low point in my life when Samantha and Bob so very kindly requested my presence on a short summer break they were taking with their fine boys. It had been some years, I am afraid to say, since I had visited the sea side, felt the sand between my toes and dined on soggy fish and chips. I was rather looking forward to it! Eastbourne was a favourite stop on Bob’s journeys with Punch & Judy and he had decided to return to this lovely seaside town on a brief break from his life as a publican and brewer. Samantha made me an incredible scotch egg for the journey, which signalled to me that this was going to be a trip to remember.  What can I tell you about our first trip together? Well we ate fish and chips from the Dolphin Fish Bar, served in newspaper...