Shropshire Pale Ale 3.8% ABV

What we say about this beer...

If you are looking for a great session ale that is easy drinking, easy on the palate but is not bland and lifeless then this is the one for you. The characteristics of this ale are moderately fruity with a medium bitterness and moderate hop character; this one is all about a fine balance of ingredients and flavours. If you are looking for an ale that your customers can drink all day long then this has got to be worth a try, at 3.8% you won’t go far wrong.

...thoughts from Charles

Charles-rMxDes.pngThis delicious tipple is bursting of flavour and, as Bob told me just last week, is packed full of hops and malt giving it a proper punch. Not a Punch & Judy punch, but a proper hop and malt fuelled punch in the taste buds. Some say it is a moderate brew but I like nothing more than to sip and savour the taste. I am, as you know, a connoisseur of such things.