Bridgnorth Porter 5% ABV (12 x 500ml)

What we say about this beer...

A beautifully balanced dark beer with complex layers of taste that gives your taste buds hints of chocolate with some dark fruit notes coming through alongside the suggestion of caramel. All of that sweetness is then perfectly balanced by the hops that deliver citrus and spice. Don’t chill this one but try it with some rich chocolate cake or a fine stilton. If that doesn’t hit the spot then marinade some stewing beef overnight with it and pour it into a beef casserole, you won’t regret it.

...thoughts from Charles

Charles-rMxDes.pngThis dark, mysterious little number is rather special. It stands majestically in purple daring you to delve into its depths. I have had many a long night sharing titillating Bridgnorth lore whilst drinking this wonderful Porter and eating Samantha’s beef casserole. Try it, old bean, you won’t regret it.