Triple Hop IPA 5.0%

What we say about this beer...

Don’t be fooled by the name of this one. It is not a complete implosion of hop flavours that leaves your head inside out. This is a fine balance of three distinct hop varieties that are brought together to create a veritable symphony of subtle hoppiness. First Gold, Target & Celeia bring together Lemon and Lime flavours combined with back notes of Cedar and Pine, all in all if you are looking for a clean and refreshing taste with a hint of the Mediterranean about it then look no further. 

...thoughts from Charles

Charles-rMxDes.pngIt is hard for me to choose but this may be my favourite for it makes me feel like I am taking one of my taste adventures of yore with my chums from Harrow. There are flavours both old and new here that make me momentarily forget my advancing years and skip. Try some hoppy fruitiness and don’t forget to buy one for me will you?