Strategic Blonde 4.3%

What we say about this beer...

This blonde ale is definitely no shrinking violet. Three different hop varieties combine to give this beer attitude. Full of character with a fantastic depth of flavour, this is certainly one to look out for. Don’t be fooled though, this won’t turn your head inside out but it will
certainly leave you wanting more. 

...thoughts from Charles


Goodness gracious me. I thought that I had tasted pretty well every sort of beer known to man. How wrong I was. This is an absolute corker. I was amazed at just how much flavour can be packed into a pint of beer. Apparently those clever chaps at the brewery have combined the fantastic essences of three types of hop to create a fantastic quaffing ale that just leave the taste buds dancing and shouting for more.
I popped in to The White Lion to sample this new brew a couple of weeks ago and was dismayed to find that some of the local worthies had drunk the lot. I was tremendously disappointed and chuffed off to return in time for the next delivery. It was well worth the wait I must say, I certainly will be first in the queue whenever this fine blonde bombshell makes an appearance.