Beckbury Bitter 4.2%

What we say about this beer...

One of the newest additions to our range of core beers. Brewed in collaboration with respected brewer Dave Rawstorne, this easy drinking traditional style bitter combines the sweetness of crystal malts with the smooth bitterness of Cascade and Celia Hops. This stylish amber coloured ale is bursting with flavour and aroma.

...thoughts from Charles

Charles-rMxDes-wh2Pth.pngI was frankly stunned when Bob recounted the story of how this amazing beer came to be.
To say that it was a coincidence is to be the master of understatement. Apparently it all began with a chance encounter with a charming Scottie dog at the breweries fine establishment, The White Lion in Bridgnorth.

Said Scottie was owned by a charming couple who lived in the nearby village of Beckbury.
Sometime later the owners of the Scottie, during a conversation with another resident of Beckbury, mentioned

the existence of a fine artisan brewery pretty well right on the doorstep of the village. In disbelief it appears that a wager ensued. Needless to say that the disbelieving resident lost his bet in regard to the existence of said brewery. Following that particular flutter another bet ensued between the second resident and a retired brewer, who incidentally also lives in Beckbury. In this instance the retired brewer lost his shirt so to speak.
The upshot of this flurry of gambling that had swept through Beckbury was that the retired brewer, a lovely chap by the name of Dave Rawstorne, briefly came out of retirement and lent his inestimable talents to creating
this wonderful traditional bitter. Personally I can’t thank Mr Rawstorne enough. I find many modern bitters to be pretty bland affairs but this most certainly isn’t one of them.