Bridgnorth India Pale Ale

What we say about this beer...

A fine balance of three distinct hop varieties are brought together to create a subtle sharpness of citrus with undertones of Cedar and Pine. Serve well chilled for a clean and refreshing taste that calls out to be drunk with some great seafood or maybe a spicy Thai curry.

...thoughts from Charles

Charles-rMxDes.pngWhat can I say about this, my personal favourite? Well it comes with quite a story for I first drank this with my good friends Bob and Samantha when they popped my curry cherry at the local Indian restaurant just a few short weeks after first meeting them. All I can say is thank god for the Bridgnorth India Pale Ale, because a Vindaloo is not the best way to start your journey into the world of spice. I can safely say, though, that this wonderful tipple is majestic, whether served with a curry or scampi (what I resorted to on visit number 2 to the Indian restaurant!).